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Shawn Marie Edgington

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The internet can be a truly amazing place. It is a product of modern technology. Everyone wants the new iPhone or the latest computer gadget that connects to the Internet. You can update and read your Facebook page from it. You can tweet to all of your followers. Take and send photos or videos. Stay in constant contact with your BFFs. OK…so if you are like me, you are saying OK, I text every once in a while…do not see the big deal…thought that was what email was for. I want my phone to CALL someone and SPEAK to them. But Jenn will tell you I am old. Technology is great but it also brings major problems and new avenues for problems to develop. So if you are like me, you have not a clue what they are doing with today’s technology. Think back, we had a problem learning where the keys were on a keyboard to type. Today with their thumbs kids knock out texts faster than we can think them. But seriously, here are some of the problems….cyber bullying, sexting, textual harassment, sextortion just to name a few. Confused? As a parent you better not be. This is your child you are speaking about and you better learn and learn quick. The books we will discuss today are meant to do just that. The books are “READ BETWEEN THE LINES” and the book “THE PARENT’S GUIDE TO TEXTING, FACEBOOK AND SOCIAL MEDIA: UNDERSTANDING THE BENEFITS AND DANGERS OF PARENTING IN A DIGITAL WORLD.” Our guest today is Americas leading “Texpert” and cyberbullying prevention expert. I will let her tell you more about herself, but please welcome to Your Life Matters SHAWN MARIE EDGINGTON.

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