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Annie Korzen

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Our guest was famed author and actress Annie Korzen whose fantastic book "Bargain Junkie: Living The Good Life on the Cheap" will show us all how to save money and look great during this trying economy.

Forget fashionistas. Meet the bargainista. Annie Korzen is a thrifty woman with expensive tastes. Raised by an immigrant mother who reused tea bags, Annie learned early on how to be an economista.

In Bargain Junkie, Korzen shares her hilarious tales from the trenches--the garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, rummage sales, and online auctions. Korzen haggles, scrimps, saves, and stretches her dollars and her imagination so she can afford to travel, dress well, and eat out whenever possible.

Whether she's getting a cardiovascular workout at the store, getting revenge on a yard sale con artist, or eating herself sick at the free green room buffet before appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Annie is the ultimate bargainista.

My name is Annie Korzen.  My body lives in Los Angeles, but my heart lives in New York.  My husband, Benni, is an independent film producer (Babette’s Feast, Forever Plaid) which means he’s often unemployed.  I’ve had a modest career as an actress (Doris Klompus on Seinfeld, John Turturro’s mother in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen).  I’ve performed my solo shows Yenta Unplugged and Keep Your Mouth Shut all over the world – which is cool because that means someone else pays for me to travel.  I’ve also done smart, witty, sophisticated, humorous, and totally brilliant commentaries for places like The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and NPR’s “Morning Edition.”  Like my husband, I am often unemployed. None of our creative activities have gotten me or my husband rich, but we’ve had a lot of fun.


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