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Jeanne Muchnick

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So here is today’s question: How do you improve your family’s health, improve their relationships, save money, raise happier kids who get better grades and are less likely to do drugs? Two simple words…Family Dinner! Now I hear the groaning…yeah, try to get MY kids to sit down at a dinner table…or with soccer practice, ballet lessons, piano lessons, work, cleaning the house, who has the time to prepare a meal that we can all sit around the table and eat together? Well our guest today has a sign on her fridge that says: “I serve 3 meals: Microwave, Frozen and Take-Out.” She asked herself that same question, even before she got her coat off from work. The reality is dinner is a constant challenge. The book we will talk about today addresses that challenge head on. I want to read a line or two directly from the book…”This book is not about making you feel guilty. It’s not about complicated recipes meant to turn you into Martha Stewart. Nor is it meant to berate you if you serve pizza, chicken nuggets, or Chinese take-out on occasion. Rather, it’s meant to help you get your family to the table, turn off the TV, spark conversation, and spend quality time together.” Our guest today has more than 20+ years publishing experience as both an editor and a writer. She started her career at Seventeen Magazine, then moved into travel and parenting. Most recently, she was a Senior Editor at the InTown Magazine network, the magazine division of the Westchester-based Journal News where she covered all kinds of lifestyle issues: food, parenting, fashion. She is the mother of teenagers, so she knows a lot of this first hand. Please welcome to Your Life Matters, author Jeanne Muchnick.

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