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Dino Nowak

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Our Guest was Dino Nowak who is not the latest fitness guru promoting the next fad diet. Instead, he is a personal trainer that has researched and studied the fitness industry from the inside out. “Fitness is not found in a specific size or shape. There are so many diets out there, and America is unhealthier than ever. Our society is always looking for the quick fix, and this industry is generating billions of dollars off their misplaced trust, “ says Dino. His new book, The Final Makeover: Your 40-Day Guide to Personal Fitness, highlights the myths and fads of the industry and explains the importance of the emotional and spiritual aspects of your health and how they impact your physical body.

Dino Nowak has a heart-felt conviction that has created a mission to help change people from the inside out. Dino was the personal training manager and then quickly promoted to general manager of one of the most prestigious fitness centers, Equinox Fitness Club in Los Angeles, California. “My greatest satisfaction is helping those who have lost hope after years of dieting and following fitness fads that deceive so many. Lasting change must start from within.” he admits, “The benefits of exercising are obvious but the methods are constantly scrutinized.”

Through years of intense research and study, Dino has created the ESP Fitness Program focusing in on the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects to health, wellness and fitness that has garnered attention from major media outlets. Dino is not your typical fitness/nutrition consultant endorsing the latest fitness craze, “Fitness is not found in a specific size or shape, there are so many diets out there and America is unhealthier than ever, our society is always looking for the quick fix and this industry is generating billions of dollars off their misplaced trust. Making lifelong changes only works from the inside out.”

Dino has been active all his life in sports and even received awards in powerlifting competitions but it was in his senior year at college Dino realized he was called to switch career paths from the world of engineering to health and fitness. He has earned certifications from the most respected organizations including: The American College of Sports Medicine (Health & Fitness Instructor), The American Council on Exercise – (Clinical Exercise Specialist) and The Cooper Institute (Master Trainer and Older Adult Exercise Specialist, Power Pilates (Basic Mat Instructor).

Upon graduation, Dino moved from Upstate New York to Los Angeles in 1997 to integrate his program within the entertainment industry and admits, “The world has an infatuation with celebrities and I have had the opportunity to see reality from the images everyone else believes to be truth.” His client roster includes many recognizable names in the music, film and television industries but reminds people not to compare themselves to celebrities. Dino dislikes name droping because his passion is to reveal the truth about the false celebrity images people are bombarded with, however he must protect his celebrity clients confidentiality and trust while still encouraging the masses. "It's a fine line to walk but I can't keep quiet about what I've experienced. The people you see in print and TV I've had the blessing of either working with or seeing them up close in person at different events, we have to stop chasing after these false standards that don't exist outside the world of Photoshop."

Dino continues to share his program through the lecture circuit and radio and television programs. He is a contributing writer for an assortment of publications and has been in various media outlets including Entertainment Tonight, Lifetime Television, InStyle, Cooking Light, Fitness Magazine, The Sporting News, Women's World, The 700 Club, TBN, Focus on the Family, InTouch Weekly, US Weekly, Life&Style, Soap Opera Digest, New Man, Christian Single, The Total Living Network The Los Angeles Times and more.

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