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Kerrie Paige

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When we say football in the U.S. we think of Payton Manning, jerseys, helmets, padding, tackling and touchdowns. In the rest of the world, if you say football, it is associated with the word GOOOOOOOAAAALLLL. In the U.S. soccer has slowly put a dent in America’s favorite past time baseball. We saw that with the recent World Cup and the excitement it brought here in our own country. More and more kids today are playing soccer. In fact there are more than 3 million youth soccer players in this country. So here is today’s question: Who are the soccer moms that drive the kids from game to game? How do they prepare for their child’s soccer life? The book we will discuss today builds on the team-centered focus of soccer and also provides a wealth of useful information on improving kids' healthy life skills, such as nutrition, fitness, teamwork, relationships, discipline, sportsmanship, safety, and even fundraising. Parents will feel ready to "get in the game" when they're encouraged and empowered to share in their children's excitement by training and playing in their own leagues, as well as coaching and volunteering for their kids. The name of the book is “SOCCER FOR MOMS: Game & Parenting Essentials for Healthy Kids” and it is our pleasure to welcome to Your Life Matters author and real-life soccer mom Kerrie Paige.

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