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Stuart W. Rose, Ph.D.

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We have all talked about Green Homes. It is one of the buzz words of the day. But here is today’s question…How much do you know about Sustainable Homes? They are made of materials that do no harm to, and take nothing away from, the earth's resources. Our guest today will reveal how sustainable living goes beyond being ecologically and financially friendly, while saving on utility bills, and leads to a different, yet more joyful quality of life. I hope I have your attention now as this is so important not only for us, but for our children and generation of children to come. The book we will talk about today is called, “Sustainability: A Personal Journey To A Built Sustainable Community...And An Amazing Picture Of What Life Will Soon Be Like.” Our guest today is an author, registered architect, professor, educator, consultant and our guest today. It is our pleasure to welcome Dr. Stuart W. Rose to Your Life Matters.

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