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Robert Siciliano

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We have all seen the commercial where the bulky male is sitting on a coach sounding like a female talking about all of the items they purchased with the other person’s credit card number. Sadly though, it is probably a safe bet to even say that either we, or someone close to us that we know, has had some type of identity theft. Fraudulent charges on your Visa, home burglarized, someone hacking your Facebook account, someone even getting hold of your social security number and ruining your credit. It is very scary. So scary people are afraid to even use their credit cards on the Internet anymore. So what do we do to protect ourselves? Our guest today is committed to informing, educating and empowering American’s so they can be protected from violence and crime in the physical and virtual world. We are going to be talking about the book, “The Safety Minute: How to Take Control of Your Personal Security and Prevent Fraud.” Our guest has been featured on the Today show, CNN, Fox. MSNBC and in USA Today and more. He is the CEO of IDTheftSecurity.com and a security consultant to McAfee.com. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Robert Siciliano.

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