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Sid Davis

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  • Our guest was Sid Davis. Sid has authored 4 books on home selling, buying and effective renovations.

    How do I pick the right home? How much can I afford? What do I do first? How do I avoid common mistakes? This book answers all these questions and hundreds more. Sid wants to be sure you talk to the right people, ask the right questions, cover all the bases, and get the best possible house for your budget. Step-by-step checklists help ensure you're doing everything right, and at the right time.

    His book helps readers face the challenges of deciding whether or not to use an agent (and how to find one), estimating a price, and deciding which upgrades are worth making -- and which ones are not -- to add to their home's value.

    When preparing to sell a home, every little thing counts. "Home Makeovers That Sell" offers everything from last-minute tidying tips and staging strategies to inexpensive improvements that will boost the market value of any home. The key is to allow potential buyers to see the home as they might live in it, not how the current owner does.

    Sid Davis, broker and owner of Sid Davis & Associates, has 21 years experience selling Davis and Salt Lake county properties. Author of the books, "Adding Value to Your Home", "A Survival Guide for Selling a Home", "A Survival Guide for Buying a Home", "Home Makeovers That Sell".


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