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"Your Life Matters..." is an alternative to your typical talk radio shows.
The show is about what matters to you...your health...your family...your life...your home...
starting to get the idea? We will bring guests on to speak about health issues facing us and
our families, how to start thinking "green" and things you can do around your home to become more
"green", issues that affect women, issues that affect men, sports
and more.

We believe Your Life Matters and we want to help, explore, and discuss
issues that affect your everyday life. This will include in studio guests, cooking tips and recipes,
and issues that are important to you. Our interviews affect everyone, regardless of age...regardless of location.

Your Life Matters is played exclusively here on our website. You will not hear it on the airwaves...but it
will always be available here to listen at your convenience. Once a week on Thursday morning we will post a new show
to listen to and the old show will be placed in the past interview section.

When we do our interview the interview will be done without interruption.
No constant breaks, commercials, weather, events, etc.
Here is a novel idea...Lets actually discuss what the guests are here to talk about. 

We have now launched Your Christian Life Matters with Jenn & Steve.
This website is stictly a Christian website with Christian interviews and instruction.
Christian interviews done on this show will also be played on that website as well.
Please check it out at www.YourChristianLifeMatters.com

Do you have an idea for one of our shows or would like to be a guest?
If so please email us by using our contact form here on the website.
Be sure to give us all of your information and a call back number so we may contact you.


Jennifer Hodgson

As a native of Versailles, Indiana Jennifer has been reading books since she was a little child. She was always fascinated by the information she would learn from reading a good book. She spent many years studying and caring about people and their health.

At first, she was extremely shy of talking on the air, but has developed into an on-air presence that is insightful, inquisitive and respectful. She takes her
job seriously researching and setting up our interviews and reading as many of the books as possible.

She is a devoted Christian and lives with her husband Steve in Westport, Indiana.

Jennifer has worked the past 6 years as Executive Vice President of Street Smart Inc and Photo Memory DVDs.


Steve Hodgson

Steve has been involved in some form of entertainment for people since a young child. He worked for many years behind the scenes of local church plays and was known in the magic circle as "The Great Hodgy" with his 90 minute stage show. He expressed interest in music at the age of 6 when he saw The Beatles for the first time on the Ed Sullivan Show. He followed that desire for many years playing in professional rock band and wedding bands, touring and playing his bass, guitar and keyboards.

Born and raised in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City, Steve has lived in Queens, NY, Waterbury CT, Lancaster County, PA, Columbus and now Westport, Indiana. He has practiced his craft while meeting many interesting people of different cultures and religions. Steve is also a devoted Christian.

You may have heard him over the years on the radio appearing and interviewing on different stations across the country.

Many people know Steve by his NY accent which stands out quite nicely. He has owned his own web design business for over 25+ years
called Street Smart Incorporated. 5 Years ago he included Photo Memory DVDs into the mix.